Polynesian Entertainment, LLC Presents

Our Journey


Who We Are

Owned and operated by Yvette and Henry George under the Polynesian Entertainment, LLC umbrella, Tevakanui is comprised of children and adults ranging from 5 years old and up, creating a nurturing and supportive family environment. Our goal is to share and educate individuals and families from all walks of life, giving them the opportunity to experience Polynesian Culture not just through song and dance but also through cultural opportunities and workshops.

We would love for you to Take The Journey with us.

Our History

Henry George, born on Rarotonga, Cook Islands, and Yvette Dille, born on Kona, Hawaii, met and fell in love while serving as missionaries for the Island Breeze Organization. They eventually married and settled in Kona performing for Island Breeze Productions at the King Kamehameha Resort. Henry began teaching drumming and Yvette taught Polynesian dance. They combined their skills in 2002 and formed the group Tevakanui, which means the Journey (usually as two words Te Vaka), Henry put the words together to symbolize the unity of the group as a family and established our motto, “Take the Journey.” A few years later, they had a calling to move the group to Las Vegas. Along with the Tutu’ila Family and others,Tevakanui quickly became the largest Polynesian Group in the Valley

Would You Like to Take the Journey With Us?